Past events

Serate in villa Lanfranchi

August 24th 2022

For Mario Lanfranchi

The Foundation hosted the evenings that the town of Lesignano dedicated to the distinguished citizen who passed away in January 2022. Artists and friends of the Maestro enthusiastically accepted the invitation for the show in memory of his great talent and charismatic personality.


  • Bruno Stori, Alessandro Nidi, Massimo Ferraguti, Nadio Marenco, Mascia Foschi, Stefania Rava, Jacopo Sarno, Stela Dicusara, Simone Fenotti, Giampiero Pizzol.

Spettacoli in Villa

September 15th 2022

Sparks of Eros – music, words, images

A cross visual journey around some art masterpieces

  • Evening conducted by Eles Iotti
  • Cristiano Lui – accordion and bandoneon

An evening in the wake of tradition: that of opening the gates of the villa to Beauty. A visual journey accompanied by music around painting masterpieces. A celebration of Eros as the eternal feminine engine of desire and the creative unconscious.

Show in the Villa

From 2001 to 2008

So long lasted the intense summer kermesse (the first year with the title Villa Lanfranchi opens the gates) of evenings open to the public, in collaboration with the municipal administration. Mixed performances of theater, music, jazz and rock in which many friendly artists took part. And the Maestro himself performed the Trial of Julius Caesar, which he wrote. Top actors, musicians and singers gave life to unforgettable moments. Also on stage several times, surprisingly, was his longtime friend Vittorio Sgarbi.

Among the performers

  • Concerto Cantoni – Renato Sellani Trio – Mario Maranzana – Tamara Alexeeva – Enrico G. Iori – Cerri Basso quintet – Maddalena Crippa – Alessandro Nidi-
  • Adriana Asti – Bernardo Lanzetti – Alessandro Haber
  • Jacopo Sarno