House museum
Villa Lanfranchi

A country villa, with a sober 17th-century body, which announces itself through a motionless Italian garden inhabited by statues.

Photo by Edoardo Fornaciari

Villa Lanfranchi

Villa Lanfranchi, formerly Ca’ Fusari, is located in Santa Maria del Piano, a hamlet of Lesignano de’ Bagni, in the province of Parma. Built in the 16th century, it is one of the oldest villas in Parma’s area.

The foundation

Established by the testamentary will of Mario Lanfranchi, with the purpose of promoting cultural and artistic activities that have women as their theme or are otherwise inspired by the female figure.

Mario Lanfranchi

Maestro: this is what Mario Lanfranchi was usually called, an appellation that, born in the theater, had extended into the infinite fields of his vast knowledge.

So many lives in one: cinema, television, author of programs and carousels, collector of one of the most important private collections of Italian art, Renaissance man, able to recognize beauty instantly.

The director on the set of La Traviata with Anna Moffo

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